Senior-Link is a non-profit trust that aims to keep the elderly socially connected, active and supported.


We operate two days per week in our central South Dunedin location.


10am- 4pm


Our qualified staff, aided by an effective team of volunteers ensures that Senior-Link is a friendly, caring environment where people are treated with respect.


Whether it is to provide carers with a break or to help isolated elderly people to have regular social contact and build friendships with their peers, Senior-Link provides:


Quality Day/Respite Care: Free* to most of our clients.

We provide a nutritious, two course lunch and morning and afternoon tea.

A wide range of activities include: craft, art, cards, music, housie, quizzes and scrabble to keep the mind sharp. 

(*The disability allowance- where eligible can off-set the cost of session fees. We assist clients to apply for Disability Allowance funding.)


Transportation: Many of our clients benefit from our friendly pick up service. We pick up clients from a range of Dunedin suburbs, including: South Dunedin, Caversham, St Kilda, St Clair, Musselburgh and Waverley. We can also help to organize transport from further afield or those with mobility issues.


Give us a call, come visit, we offer our first day for free!











"I like coming to Senior-Link because I enjoy the company and having to use my brain and I enjoy the lovely food."



"I wait all week to come to Senior-Link." -Jan.


"I enjoy the full day of activities, the friendly staff and group members. I like it because transport and lunch are provided." -Liz.


"I like it because we have a bit of a laugh and it keeps us all on our toes. The Boss is pretty good too."- Jim.


"Are you bored and have nowhere to go? Come and try out Senior-Link for friendship, games and quizzes with people of a similar age."- Joe.


"I enjoy Senior-Link because it makes my day (week)." -Clive.


"I enjoy Senior-Link because of the company." -Shirley.


"I’ve been coming to Senior-Link for many years and I hate to miss a Friday." - Lila.


"I like the lovely meals and the home baking as well as the good people here." - Stan.


Our Philosophy:




We aim to help elderly people remain active and involved in their community.

Session Fees:

Our session fee is all inclusive- staffing, transport, food and activities: 

$25.00 per day

We believe that you should only pay for what you use! That's why our session fee is only required to be paid for sessions that clients attend.