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Let us show you what we have been busy doing at Senior-Link! 




Senior-Link Day Activity Centre


Star Community News 26 June 2013


Winter can be a tough time for older people particularly if they are living alone. The cold weather and short days can make elderly people feel very isolated. We’re pleased to provide a warm, welcoming place in the heart of South Dunedin with good company and a choice of activities to help chase the winter blues away. Senior-Link picks up our group members in an easy access van. We start the day with morning tea and a good chat; we often do word games and quizzes in the morning to stretch our brain cells. Lunch is hot and tasty and we always have a nice pudding. After lunch the group enjoys a few games of Housie followed by a choice of; cards, scrabble or an easy craft activity. Our group leader Gaynor is a lot of fun, her big bright smile cheers us all up no matter what the weather. We are very lucky to have a great team of volunteers who make steaming hot cups of tea or coffee, whip up marvellous muffins and love to play cards and scrabble with our group members. For information about Senior-Link phone 4564249, Monday or Friday.


Geraldine Tait


Older People Need More Support


Article Star 18 June 2014


It can be pretty tough getting older, knees and hips give out, the memory isn’t as sharp as it used to be, and little things that were easy to do become more difficult. Older people may lose their independence and become isolated and lonely. Senior-Link is one of a number of organisations that focus on the needs of older people, we provide a specialist support service for frail elderly people. We have a centre in McBride Street, South Dunedin, which is open Monday and Friday so older people can enjoy the company of other seniors in their neighbourhood. Some of our members have mobility problems so we provide transport. Our wonderful activity coordinator Gaynor organises our programme which includes; quizzes, word games, craft, scrabble, guest speakers, housie and music. We are a very friendly group, chatting and sharing food are a big part of our day, and new members are always welcome. Senior-Link is a non- profit trust, which is not affiliated to any other group.


So if you know an older person who is lonely or someone who is providing a care giving role for a frail elderly person and they might need a break, tell them about Senior-Link. Please phone 4564249 or leave a message.


Fabulous volunteers the heart of Senior-Link


Star Community News page 14 August 2014


Senior-Link provides a centre for elderly people living in the community to meet up with people of their own age group for a day of chatting, trying out a range of activities and enjoying nice food. I really don’t know what we would do without our volunteers who do so much to make the group a happy and relaxing place to come. Volunteers take turns to drive the van so that we can provide a door to door service for our members. At the centre in McBride Street, a volunteer will be putting the kettle on and buttering pikelets for morning tea. By about 10am our room is filled with friendly greetings and chatter, the volunteers make a special effort to give our members individual attention to find out how they are getting on. During the day we have lots of games, quizzes, craft and entertainment; volunteers support our group members with all the activities. They help everyone feel included and are wonderful at assisting people who may have very poor eyesight, hearing loss or are a bit wobbly on their feet. Senior-Link is like being part of a big family and the volunteers are what make it so special.


Contributed by Geraldine Tait



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